Scheduling Virtual Visits

We are happy to see you virtually!

To Set up a Virtual Visit with a physician, FOR NEW PATIENTS, please call 314-878-2788 to schedule your appointment, provide your insurance information, and get directed to the new patient forms.

For ESTABLISHED PATIENTS, you may also call 314-878-2788 to have our staff help set up your appointment. If you would like to do it independently, please follow these instructions,

  1. Click the appropriate link below to sign up and fill in the requested information:
    Dr. Michele Kemp:
    Dr. Stephanie Park:
    Dr. Douglas Berson:
    Note the time and date of your appointment.
  2. You may use the link provided to go to your appointment at the scheduled time, or use the following link to go directly to the waiting room:
    Dr. Kemp:
    Dr. Park:
    Dr. Berson:
  3. Arrive for your appointment remotely 5 minutes beforehand, read through the waiver (also accessible here), and have your credit card and insurance information on hand.

*Please note, you can do a virtual visit through your phone or computer, but you will want access to a camera and microphone.*

If you have technical difficulties:

  1. You may go directly to the physician’s virtual waiting room through the following links:
    Dr. Kemp:
    Dr. Park:
    Dr. Berson:
  2. You may call our office at 314-878-2788 to speak with a staff member from Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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